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Ideate, Iterate, Integrate

Ideate, Iterate, Integrate


A product designer who is passionate about bringing inclusiveness and intuitiveness to innovative technologies‭. ‬

Design for 100 million+ monthly active users

Interaction Design at Google. Next Billion Users Team & Payment Team

Understand the constraints when designing for low literacy, low tech users from all over the world. Leverage research insights and make design decisions based on technical constraints. 

Provide a11y guidelines to improve the user experience for low-vision users. Design for accessibilities labels and VoiceOver/TalkBack navigation.  

Work with clients, design for assistive technology in health care. 

Worked with speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and researchers to develop an automated smart behavior analysis system from scratch.

This tool can help to earlier identify children's' communication disorder and offer treatment that leads to a better prognosis.

Resolve complex problem for fun

Redesign Venmo to improve money-splitting experiences among a group of people. 

How much trouble a person might have to go through to split a bill with a group of people? How to split tax if people in a group all ordered different things? How do we make it easier for people to share recurring bills? How to remind people and keep track of money requests with the lowest efforts?  

Collaborating with two other designers during the pandemic, we've come up with a solution to resolve complicated problems with a simple interaction. 

Co-found a start-up from scratch

During 2016 - 2017, I have:

  • Raised multi-million capital fundings from venture capitals.

  • Designed and launched the app and web service for AI-powered augmented reality experience from scratch.

  • Worked closely with computer vision engineers to develop product strategy

  • Presented digital product solutions to potential clients, which led to the company’s acquisition.

Multi-disciplinary Product Design and Fabrication

User Impression.jpg
User Impression.jpg

Business + Research + UX strategy 

Doordash Pre-order 

A product analysis and user research exercise. Followed by a quick & dirty UX solution.

Explores new product features to provide a unique brand identity based on Doordash's business strategy.

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