Thinker, Designer, Doer

I am passionate about learning different technologies to generate new ideas; designing intuitive interactions to delight users. My goal is to cross the chasm between advanced technology and the lives of end-users with my skills and passion.



I was born in China. With my curiosity to explore the different cultures around the world, I stayed with my relatives in Bangkok Thailand for months; Studied and worked in the US for 7 years; Studied art history in Florence, Italy; Learned traditional papermaking in Tokushima, Japan.  I've also traveled to many countries to explore their cultures, people and food : ). 


New York University (Jun.2020)

MPS, Interactive Telecommunication (ITP) 


Rhode Island School of Design(Jun.2016)

BFA, Graphic Design

Brown University

Cross Registration, Psychology and Japanese


Ai | Ps | Id | Pr | Ae | Lr | Xd 


Sketch | Cinema 4D | Unity


P5.js | Html/Css | Arduino 


UI | UX | Usability Test | Research


Illustration | Bookbinding | Print



UX Designer,  Language Development and Disorders Lab‭ @NYU Steinhardt

Sep‭ ‬2019‭ - ‬Current‭ , ‬New York‭, ‬NY

Worked with linguistic pathology experts to design an automated smart behavior analysis system from scratch‭. ‬Also led brainstorming workshops with clients‭. ‬

User Experience Design Intern, NBU team @

May.2019 – Aug.2019, Sunnyvale, CA  

Worked closely with designers, researchers and PMs to improve usability for Files by Google.

Co-founder‭, ‬Ignite Fellow @ Beespect‭ ‬‭

2018‭ - ‬2019‭, ‬New York‭, ‬NY

Developed a service to facilitate beehive management‭. ‬Designed a sensor-driven system that uses Wireless Sensor Network(WSN‭) ‬to‭ ‬monitoring physical hive conditions using a smartphone‭.‬

Founding Member, Product Lead @ Giaran.Inc

Boston, MA | May.2016 – Jul.2017 

User Experience Research, UI/UX design,

Project Management, Business Development


UX Designer @ CVS Health - Digital Department

Woonsocket, RI | Jun.2015 – Dec.2015 

User Experience Design, Personas, Usability Test, Visual Design for Rebranding, Icon Design.

Founding Member, Design Lead @ Fantaspic 

Initialed at Brown University and registered in Shenzhen, China | Feb.2014 – Dec.2015 

User Experience Research, UI/UX design


Creative Design Intern @ Karma  

Shanghai, China | 2014 Summer 

Creative designer in all stages of advertising development 


Graduate Assistant  @ New York University, IMA 

Sep 2019 - current, New York, NY

Working with professor Katherine Dillon as a teaching assistant for IMNY-UT 261 Design Fundamentals and IMNY-UT 262 User Experience.


UX Consultant  @Brown University

Feb - May 2019, Remote

Mentored students from Brown University CS132 on UX design for The Compliment Hub website design and development. Also designed the visual system guideline.

Art & Design Instructor @ ME College

2017-2018, Shenzhen, China

Design online courses for children from 6-12 years old.


Guest Teacher & Researcher @ EICC

Oct.2016 – Mar.2017, Dalian, China 

Teach children from 6-12 and research children's behaviors to design art courses.