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Designing for Global Accessibility

In summer 2019, I worked at Google NBU team to improve low-tech and low-literacy users ' comprehension and confidence in using Files by Google app. 

In August 2019, Files reached 100 million monthly active users (MAU). 

In 2020 - 2021, I worked at Google Payment, Plex Team on Mobile Accessibility for low-vision users. 


Research | UX Design | Usability Test | Presentation | Critics | Implementation 


Product Manager | Project Manager | UX Researcher | UX Writer | UX Designer | Visual Designer | Engineer | Illustrator  


Figma | Principle | Slides | Docs

Note: Due to NDA, I won't be able to share my works here. 

But if you are from Google, please use go/tianyix to learn more 

Next Billion Users 

In Summer 2019, I had the pleasure to work with Next Billion Users (NBU) Team at Google.


NBU's UX team is designing products for the global culture – especially for the people who are new to the internet.


Our UX strategy focuses on providing simple and intuitive user experiences for people who are speaking various languages, having different levels of tech and language literacy or with various abilities.

Designing for people who are "not me" is exciting and challenging, therefore, our design solution heavily relies on the insights that our UX researcher has collected with local users or through immersion trips


Image from NBU official blog.

Files by Google 

My team works on the Files app at NBU.

Files by Google, as currently the highest-rated Google app on the Play Store, offers features that help you:

✨ Free up space with cleaning recommendations
🔍 Find files faster with search and simple browsing
↔️ Share files offline with others, fast and without data
☁️ Back up files to the cloud to save you space on the device


Files app

The Moment

In Aug 2019, our app reached 100 million monthly active users!  

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 12.29.02

My Experience

Thanks to my amazing team who offered me so much support and trust, I worked closely with product managers, UX researchers, UX and visual designers, UX writers and engineers.  


The scope contains 3 projects and 2 UX bugs: 

1. Multi-lingual Feature: Researched and designed a new language feature for Files – Based on previous research, data from products across Google, I conducted secondary research, initialed necessary meetings with PMs, designers, researchers, and engineers; initiated, iterated and validated design concepts with my team; and presented the UX solution to the leads. 

This project is currently under engineers' development and field research to validate the concept. With special support from my host and an amazing design lead, the potential of this new feature also went beyond the Files app. 

2. Clean Redesign: Collaboration project - Collaborated with a visual designer and a UX writer to explore concepts that could resolve some long-lasting pain points of files app based on PMs' insights and research materials.


3. Small side project: Started by fixing a year-long UX bug, I found a solution to improve the discoverability of a hidden feature, worked closely with an Engineer for implementation. This solution is currently ready to release. I also proposed a new interaction to improve the current experience based on this feature.  


4. In addition, I filed a few bugs and handled 2 other UX bugs to improve the current usability.   


Due to NDA,  I won't be able to disclose my design until release. But if you want to know more about the designing for millions, life-work balance, working culture at Google, please feel free to email me – let's do a coffee/bubble tea/video chat!😉 

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