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Brand Identity
User Research 
UI/UX Design


GIARAN is an instant and interactive virtual makeup robot that provides users a smarter virtual try-on experience of their beloved cosmetics products in store, online or on-the-go, with exact color-match and recommendations customized to individual face-shape, skin tone and texture.


Machine Learning |  Big Data | AR

UI/UX Design | User Interview | 


Id | Ai | Ps | Sketch |

HTML/CSS | Powerpoint 

I was one of the 3 founding members of Giaran. The company was acquired by Shiseido in 2017.


As the product lead, My major job was to work directly with computer vision engineers and front end web developers to develop services for IOS, Android, tablets, and web platfr based on user researches.  


In the meanwhile, I also lead 2 graphic designer and 1 industrial design to develop the physical product and social media content. 


** Due to confidential policy, user research content and some of the UI/UX content are not under display


But if you are interested in Entrepreneurship, build things from scratch or want to chat about UI/UX, I would be happy to chat!

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